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  1. Adult and Child prices are the same. Children under 3 who use their own cot are free.
  2. Minimum rental charge for the Mill building is £253 per night/£168.90 per day due to overhead costs. Minimum charge for Camping is £190.50 per night
  3. New rates apply as from 1st January 2017.
  4. Private Large Social Gatherings/Function incur an additional 50% charge.

  1. Group rate bookings are for sole use. Be aware that an appointed and CRB checked warden may be "on site" and using the kitchen facilities.
  2. "Individual" rate prices for both the Mill and for camping do not allow for sole use. Use may be shared with other people. It is only possible to book up to 6 weeks in advance for this.
  3. There is a minimum charge for 10 people for "individual" bookings of the Mill and 15 people for camping.
  4. For "individual" bookings, full room occupancy is expected, i.e. families in one room.  

  1. One third of the total cost to confirm the booking
  2. Remaining two thirds to be paid one month prior to visit.

  1. An additional payment of £100 is payable with the balance, one month before date of hire.
  2. All breakages will be charged at replacement cost.
  3. Conditions of hire of the Mill requires that you clean the Mill thoroughly after use. If the premises are left in a poor state, cleaning will be charged at £10.50 per hour.
  4. The amount due (less breakages & cleaning if necessary) will be returned by cheque after vacation of the Mill and the property has been checked throughout.

  1. Loss of deposit if cancelled within 6 months.
  2. If less than 30 days notice of cancellation, two thirds of cost will be charged.
  3. Both parties have the right to cancel bookings giving a minimum of 6 months notice without financial loss.

 Type of AccommodationRate/ NightTypeMin No.Max No
*Overnight 24 hrsAccommodation + 3 Meals£39.10Individual1040
*Overnight 24 hrs (sole use)Accommodation only£388.30Group 40

*Private/Social FUNCTION

(24 hours sole use)

Accommodation only£583.00Group 



*Overnight 24 hrs ** Accommodation only£25.30Individual1040
Day (8 hours)2 Meals£25.30Individual1090 #
Day (8 hours)No meals£168.90Group 60 #
Half Day (4 hrs)1 Meal£18.50Individual1090 #
Half Day (4 hrs)No meals£113.30Group 60 #
24 Hour CampingMill Facilities + 3 Meals£32.20Individual1590 #
24 Hour Camping Mill Facilities, Self Catering£25.30Individual1590 #
24 Hour Camping**Own Equipment, S/C, No access to Mill except toilets & showers£12.70Individual1590 #

* Can only be booked up to 6 weeks in advance

# Additional numbers may be possible by prior agreement* SLEEPING BAG OR SIMILAR, PILLOW CASE & TOWEL PER PERSON REQUIRED

Mill Facilities: 

                        The Lab                                   
                                              The Dining Room                                                                    The Kitchen     
                           The Grounds